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May 6, 2004 9:37 pm

Traffic Directions ...

Scott McLemee's on-line discussion with Wesley McDonald about Russell Kirk, the subject of a new biography by McDonald, begins today at 2:00 p.m. EDT. McLemee's article about Kirk is here. To ask a question or see the discussion, go here.

After the departure of Invisible Adjunct from academe and Erin O'Connor to private secondary education, the Cliopatriarch of Philadelphia posted a thoughtful good wish to O'Connor here. It led to a surprisingly acrimonious reaction at Academy Girl and further discussion at Critical Mass, Frogs and Ravens, and In the Shadow of Mt. Hollywood. Acrimony aside, Brian Ulrich offers an insight from Star Trek about the teaching and learning moment.

Speaking of acrimony, I feel somewhat vindicated by John C. Halasz's condescending but learned comment over at Butterflies and Wheels. Thanks to Jonathan Dresner for the pointer.
Update: But the question is: Has B & W gone into film production?

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Ralph E. Luker - 5/6/2004

Yah, I'm garbled and Jonathan's name was initially mis-spelled and he seems out of place, somehow, but we're not malevolent, at least. We haven't rushed to fill Cliopatria's ranks with philosophers. I really do think that they have trouble thinking in historical terms. It was nice to see you and Ophelia chatting away on each other's blogs as if nothing had happened.

Hugo Schwyzer - 5/6/2004 I felt I came off rather well. Still, this Halasz person does seem rather an odd duck... probably not a good fit for Cliopatria.

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