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Dec 29, 2008 3:37 pm

Drunk History

There can be no better pedagogical tool for college students. Jen Kirkman drinks a bottle and a half of wine and reenacts the sad, proud history of George and Martha Washington's favourite slave, Oney Judge, complete with period costumes, drunken lip syncing, inebriated (but graceful!) hiccups, and extreme historical savvy. Hat tip, and happy new year -- naturally, of course, you'll all be equally productive with your celebratory bottle and a half of wine this New Year's Eve...

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David H. Noon - 12/30/2008

This one's good, but vol. 2.5 -- also featuring Jack Black -- is even better, and even less dignified...

Rachel Leow - 12/30/2008

I'd hire her!

Rachel Leow - 12/30/2008

ahh, I've been rumbled

Jeremy Young - 12/30/2008

Guaranteed to get Rachel's attention every time.

Rob MacDougall - 12/29/2008

Ah, Drunk History. I especially like this one, for obvious reasons - but be warned, it goes well beyond graceful hiccups.

Ralph E. Luker - 12/29/2008

Tell me this young doctoral candidate didn't do this in her job interview at the AHA convention.

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