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Jan 4, 2009 12:14 pm

Sunday's Notes

Carnivals: History Carnival LXXII is up at Melissa Bellanta's The Vapour Trail. Gavin Robinson is unable to continue coordinating the Military History Carnival. If you are interested in doing so, please contact him at Investigations of a Dog.

Blogging the AHA Convention: AHA Today*, Chapati Mystery, Hotshot Harry** and Ann Little at Historiann, Kelly in Kansas, Knitting Clio, Legal History, Making History Podcast, Archie** at Rate Your Students, and Tenured Radical.***
*Officialese, but be nice.
**Bottom's up, as it were.
***All of this, despite reports of The Hilton's free wireless failures and $30 for a breakfast of yogurt and a muffin. Nothing, however, quite so exciting as Indyanna's recollection of Nat Hentoff's being driven from the platform of an AHA plenium in the early 1970s by a female New York intellectual who repeatedly referred to him as a" c*cks*ck*r".

New to History Blogging: The election year drew many historians into blogging at major venues, like Arianna Huffington's The Huffington Post and Tina Brown's more recent venture, The Daily Beast. I've only now added them to Cliopatria's History Blogroll, mostly in Contemporary Commentary, because it was difficult filtering historians out of the long lists of peddle pushers and fancy dancers who blog at those venues. Here, for your edification, are the ones I found:

Andrew Bacevich
Nancy L. Cohen
Paul Finkelman
Kit Gallant
Warren Goldstein
Gershom Gorenberg
Allan Lichtman

Robert S. McElvaine
Nicolaus Mills
Timothy Naftali
Mark Oppenheimer
Bob Ostertag
Gerald Posner
Diane Ravitch
Michael Roth

Stephen Schlesinger
Jeffrey Wasserstrom
Jon Wiener
Sean Wilentz (Daily Beast)
Sean Wilentz (Huff Po)
Julian Zelizer (Daily Beast)
Julian Zelizer (Huff Po)

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More Comments:

Ralph E. Luker - 1/4/2009

Right. Lichtman also blogged at HNN for a time. There are others, like Jon Wiener, for whom Huff Po isn't their first blogig.

Jeremy Young - 1/4/2009

Lictman also posted at Brittanica Blog for a while, but I think he's given that up now that he's got his new gig at HuffPo.

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