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Aug 8, 2004 10:40 pm

Grinder and Hagel Blogging Team Join Liberty and Power

We are immensely honored to welcome the dynamic blogging duo of Walter E. Grinder and John Hagel III to Liberty and Power as contributing editors.

Hagel is a graduate of the Harvard Business School and has many books and articles to his credit on business, technology, law, history and economics. He has received honors from the World Economic Forum, Harvard Business Review, and Business Week.

From a personal standpoint, it especially means a lot to me to welcome Walter E. Grinder.

He is currently the CEO of the Institute for Civil Society. I first met Walter in 1981 at a conference for undergraduates in Wisconsin when he was Vice President for Academic Affairs at the Institute for Humane Studies.

If anyone qualifies as my mentor, champion, and protector in academic life, it is Walter Grinder. He did not stop with me. Over the decades Walter has helped dozens of students including more than one member of Liberty and Power. Professors mentored by Walter are now bloggers at Volokh Conspiracy , Beneficence , the Marginal Revolution, and many other sites.

In addition to his priceless contributions as a mentor, Grinder has edited Albert Jay Nock's essay, Our Enemy the State (New York: Free Life Editions, 1973) and co-authored with Hagel,"Toward a Theory of State Capitalism: Ultimate Decision-making and Class Structure," Journal of Libertarian Studies (177, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 59-79.

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