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Aug 29, 2004 12:11 am

Recommended Reading ...

Samantha Power,"Dying in Dafur: Can the Ethnic Cleansing in Sudan Be Stopped? New Yorker. Thanks to Kirk at American Amnesia for the tip.

Richard Posner,"The 9/11 Report: A Dissent," New York Times.

Ann Gerhart,"The Political Guns of August Are Firing," Washington Post. Douglas Brinkley, a historian caught at the center of the SBVT controversy. Yes, he's a popularizer, in the tradition of Stephen Ambrose. Yes, he's doing an article for the New Yorker. No, he can't get back to every reporter who wants to talk to him. But, see also "Douglas Brinkley Reporting for Duty" in The Weekly Standard for a more critical look at Brinkley's work.

Here's a clue that you are an extraordinary teacher and a great blogger: You stop blogging in March, in June you announce that the site is about to come down, and in August the conversation is still going on. I'd like to think that my students are still talking about some of the things we talked about; Invisible Adjunct knows that hers are.

Finally, no need to read this, but it does seem like a really bad idea for a child's toy. What were they thinking?

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