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Sep 14, 2004 2:47 pm

Cheney's Fantasy World

First the VP has continued to ignore reality and link 9/11 to Iraq. Now, in what can only be called a bizarre exchange at an Iowa election rally, Cheney suggests that the Russian school tragedy will change Putin's view of the Iraqi occupation as well by showing them how being passive in the war on terror has hurt them.

First off, since when was anyone accusing the Russians of not being aggressive in Chechnya? Last time I checked just about every human rights organization in the world felt quite the opposite. In fact the claims by Chechen rebels defending their actions is based on alleged Russian atrocities in Chechnya.

Second, and from a U.S. perspective just as troubling, Mr. Vice President in your planet what isn't linked to Iraq? What heresy evidence does Cheney have to link Iraq to the Chechen rebels? It seems obvious that the next step for Mr. Cheney is to come out and link this rash of very suspicous hurricane activity with terrorists. I mean if those Jamacians and Cubans had only supported the war in Iraq. Instead they (Cheney's words)"kept their heads down and stayed out of the line of fire (hoping) that they wouldn't get hit."

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Max Schwing - 9/15/2004

Hah, where did you think he got his ideas from :)
Chechenya is a smaller Iraq to Putin, a death trap for the next years to come. However, he solves the problem of opposition more effectively than Bush by nationalizing the media and having a far more supperior secret service (perhaps the FBI and CIA could learn one or the other thing from them.

John Arthur Shaffer - 9/14/2004

Putin is already using his "war on terror" to consolidate power,

I think I know now what Bush meant when he said he looked into Putin's soul and liked what he saw.

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