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Sep 24, 2004 11:36 am

My Younger Colleagues ...

My younger colleagues do some remarkable things. Have a look, for example, at Sharon Howard's Early Modern Notes, where she offers another in her series about internet resources on the early modern world. This one features the Caribbean and Central America. The postings in this series are archived in her companion site, Early Modern Resources.

At Chaptati Mystery, Manan Ahmed challenges those of you who are working on dissertations: You show me yours and I'll show you mine. Next week is Dissertation Week for all of you advanced graduate students, who may be mired in depression and hysterical laughter. There's solace in solidarity.

Eighteen months ago, John Dower recommended comparisons of the Japanese experience in Manchuria and the American experience in Iraq. Four months ago, my colleague, Jonathan Dresner, recommended Dower's thoughts to us at History News Network. Now, both Charles Armstrong and Kevin C. Murphy at Columbia are commending Dower's work to our attention.

Finally, at Histori-blogography, UCLA's Chris Bray corrects John Leo about what happened at Pearl Harber.

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Sharon Howard - 9/24/2004

I sometimes imagine Ralph as a kind of genial and mischievous great-uncle... But if I start that, I might have to think about how I imagine the rest of our elders at Cliopatria, in case they feel left out. Thank you for the mentions anyway, Uncle Ralph. ;)

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