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Sep 30, 2004 6:40 am

Meet Me Around the Corner at Cliopatria

Dear All,
I will be leaving for Baghdad in a week and staying there awhile. I have not been keeping up my blog lately because of time constraints. Because of this, and other reasons, I have accepted Dr. Luker’s gracious offer of folding Askari Street into his, and his colleagues’ valuable group blog, Cliopatria. Obviously I shall post as often as I can, but not perhaps as much as before.
I want to thank you all for your faithful readership of Askari Street, and your really wonderful comments and questions. I’m constantly amazed by the comparative nature of our field, and how much the history of one region and epoch feeds into another. I’ve learned a lot from our online conversations, and I hope to continue learning as the days and months go by.
So, for all of you whose passion is history, just remember its really all about context, context, context…
Best wishes,

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Daniel B. Larison - 10/19/2004

Dear Hala,
I'm sorry to have found that your blog was missing when I last checked for it. I'm glad that it hasn't disappeared entirely. I can appreciate how work leaves you little time for this, as I have been much less active on my few blogs of interest since the school year began again. I hope we will be able to stay in touch in future. Take care.


Hala Fattah - 10/1/2004

Dear Oscar,
Thank you very much for your great comments all along. I'll be in and out of Baghdad before you know it; I'm really looking forward to seeing my friends. Thanks for your concern, and be sure that once I've returned, I'll write up another highly impressionistic piece on how history trumps reality every time.

Oscar Chamberlain - 10/1/2004

I am sorry to see your solo blog go, but I do understand about time constraints, particularly given your upcoming journey. And it is a pleasure that you will be posting at Cliopatria.

It seems hard to be a scholar in Iraq these days. The reasons why are also the reasons that scholars are so needed.

Take care on your journey home.

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