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Sep 30, 2004 10:34 am

Welcome to Cliopatria ...

Cliopatria is delighted to welcome Hala Fattah to our blogging group and Sean Wilentz as one of our Contributing Editors.

Hala Fattah is known to us at History News Network as the memory at Askari Street. She recalled a childhood spent on Baghdad's Askari Street here. Fattah left Baghdad after the overthrow of the monarchy in Iraq to study Middle Eastern and European History at the Lebanese American University in Beirut and came to the United States for graduate studies at Syracuse and UCLA. Since earning her doctorate at UCLA in 1986, she has taught at the University of Jordan and Georgetown University and served as a researcher and consultant in inter-faith studies in Aman, where she currently lives. In 1997, the State University of New York Press published her book, The Politics of Regional Trade in Iraq, Arabia and the Gulf, 1745-1900. Her articles have appeared in the International Journal of Middle East Studies, the Journal of Islamic Studies, New Perspectives on Turkey, and a number of anthologies. If you've read Fattah's delightful short essays at Askari Street, you'll know that you are in for a treat at Cliopatria. She says goodbye to her individual blog here, but it means that Cliopatria will have a street named Askari.

Sean Wilentz is a distinguished American historian who did his undergraduate work at Columbia and Oxford and his graduate work at Yale. Since earning his doctorate there in 1980, he has been at Princeton, where he is Dayton-Stockton Professor of History and Director of the Program in American Studies. His books include: Chants Democratic: New York City & the Rise of the American Working Class, 1788-1850 (1984), Rites of Power: Symbolism, Ritual, and Politics Since the Middle Ages (1985), Major Problems in the Early Republic (1992), and, with Michael Merrill, The Key of Liberty: The Life and Democratic Writings of William Manning,"A Laborer" (1993), and, with Paul E. Johnson, The Kingdom of Matthias: A Story of Sex and Salvation (1994). Currently, he is at work on The Rise of American Democracy, 1787-1860 for W. W. Norton. Chants Democratic won both the AHA's Albert J. Beveridge Award and the OAH's Frederick Jackson Turner Award. Subsequently, Wilentz has held both Guggenheim and University Teachers fellowships. His articles and reviews have appeared in the American Historical Review, Dissent, the Journal of Interdisciplinary History, the Journal of Southern History, Labor History, the London Review of Books, The Nation, the New Republic, the New York Times, Tikkun, the Village Voice, and elsewhere. Wilentz has also been a member of the editorial boards at Dissent and the History Book Club. We are honored that Professor Wilentz has agreed to serve as a Contributing Editor at Cliopatria.

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