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Oct 1, 2004 10:25 pm

On the Debates and Other Forms of Torture ...

As Derek Catsam points out, History News Network's Rick Shenkman was featured on MSNBC this morning to analyze the presidential debates. You can find a transcript of the debate here or watch it here. Rick's analysis of it is here and Derek's observations are here.

I have been remiss in not calling your attention to efforts in Congress to legalize the outsourcing of torture. It seems to me that, if it has finally come to that, the United States ought to own up publicly to the necessity of committing torture to accomplish its objectives and to do it ourselves under our own supervision. Obviously, I hope it has not come to that and that we will not engage in it. Distancing ourselves from it by outsourcing, however, is contemptible. Please do contact your member of Congress and urge her or him to oppose this legislation and contact your local newspaper because this is moving under its radar.

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