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Oct 20, 2004 7:22 am

Noted Here and There ...

I pay attention when both John Holbo and Scott McLemee suggest that Daniel Green's essay at The Reading Experience may be the best assessment of Derrida's work on the net. And what do I find when I read Green's essay? He builds on points made by my fellow Cliopatriarchs, Miriam Burstein and Tim Burke. All hail deconstructing Cliopatriarchs!

Speaking of my colleagues, Jonathan Dresner has joined in launching the Japanese history group blog, Frog in a Well. After Time Travel is Easy, which continues at Fenland, and Rebunk, Cliopatria acknowledges Frog in a Well as her third off-spring. As you may have suspected, she's a promiscuous girl. They really are the result of the creative energies of Claire George, K. M. Lawson, and Derek Catsam. By the way, prayers are in order for Catsam and the Red Sox. You would not want to jinx the thing by saying that, well, that they could make history.

If you enjoyed the first episode of"Little Jewish Grandmother Bubbie's Adventures", you'll want to follow her second episode. Forewarning: Bubbie is being deconstructed at, ahem, This Blog is Full of Crap. Tip of the hat to Patrick Belton at Oxblog.

If you wondered where the Cliopatriarch of Pasadena has been, he's been doing over a hundred miles by bicycle. Would you believe it was done on a Penny Farthing? No, you wouldn't. Anyway, he's got the dry heaves and it wears me out just thinking about it. Where are my cigarettes? ...

Finally, for all the reasons not to go to graduate school in history these days, there's nothing quite like the excitement of the first few weeks there. For tastes of it, try Munnin and No Loss for Words. Munnin's K. M. Lawson has just entered graduate school at Harvard and No Loss for Words' Danny Loss has just entered Cambridge. Loss has some good tips for graduatestudents, which the rest of us might take to heart, and enters graduate study in history already knowing that"The Past Is Lost."

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Konrad M Lawson - 10/20/2004

Thanks for the mention! There will be 3, possibly four more group blogs to come at Frog In the Well, I'm now in the process of putting together a China group.

As for graduate school - my excitement hasn't been quite drowned with the flood of reading yet, though I believe I may have concerned my advisor by confessing that I wish to plunge ahead with various online projects despite the new chains I wear.

The Danny Loss tips are great ("Don't be too clever" especially)

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