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Oct 26, 2004 6:34 am

History Blogroll ...

This summer, I learned of a large number of blogs by younger historians and graduate students. Their efforts ought to have greater visibility in the blogosphere, I thought. So, early in September, I posted about some of them at Cliopatria. Some people called attention to others and I did some more looking. Thanks to HNN's Rick Shenkman, Cliopatria now has a new"History Blogroll". Look in the right hand column and scroll down below"Other Media." There's a cornucopia of over fifty history blogs to be explored there. Many of them are old friends of Cliopatria; others of them will surely be new to you.
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Sharon Howard - 10/26/2004

We don't have to, but can we stop ourselves?

Ralph E. Luker - 10/26/2004

I know what you mean! But we don't have to read all of them every day.

Jonathan Dresner - 10/26/2004

...because now I'm never gonna get any work done.

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