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Oct 26, 2004 8:57 pm

Nicholas von Hoffman: Liberty and Power Guest Blogger

Liberty and Power is honored to announce that journalist and author, Nicholas von Hoffman, will be a guest blogger. His currently writes a column for the New York Observer. He can stay as long as he wants at Liberty and Power!

My first memories of Mr. Von Hoffman were watching his commentaries for 60 Minutes back the early 1970s. I will be curious to hear his thoughts about my upcoming critical article about that show's report on the killing of Emmett Till.

While I was a young pro-war conservative when I first saw his commentaries, I was impressed. They were witty, incisive, and wonderfuly irreverent. I always thought: why can't we be on the same side?

I never imagined that in 1980 that would indeed be the case though I was the one to make the biggest change in sides. That year, Mr. Hoffman hosted a closed-circuit telethon to raise money for the Libertarian campaign of Ed Clark. While Von Hoffman has never been, and is not, a libertarian, he is not a prisoner of ideology in his political choices.

Since 1980, I have come to enjoy Mr. Von Hoffman's work as a historian. His well-written and insightful books such as his acclaimed biography of Roy Cohn are well worth reading.

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