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Oct 29, 2004 2:29 am

From the History Bloggers ...

From Peasants Under Glass:"Grading your first midterms is probably kind of like the feeling you get the first time your son or daughter calls and asks you to post bail."

At No Loss for Words, Danny Loss reflects on a lecture by Richard Evans about what we can know.

Michael Tinkler, the Cranky Professor, contemplates"Numerology" as a way of structuring an introduction to European Studies.

In this election season, AJ at No Great Matter interviews Francis Parkman, who is a bit grumpy about several things.

Nathanael Robinson at Rhine River and Brandon Watson at Siris are discussing the"Massachusetts Liberal Senator" and"Texas Republican Fundamentalist" tropes. Nathanael also has an interesting post on the social production of space.

At Mode for Caleb, Caleb McDaniel explains why"family values" are not Christian values.

Over at Chapati Mystery, Manan Ahmed looks at efforts to ban"honor killings" in Pakistan.

At Rebunk, Derek Catsam has the net's best post on the Red Sox winning the World Series.

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