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Nov 23, 2004 11:53 am

Dictionary of Received Ideas

Well, Ralph gave it a quick mention a few days ago, but do come over and see the show at Nathanael's brainchild, The Dictionary of Received Ideas. There are now five contributors, and I'm sure more would be welcome (you can email Nathanael to find out more/sign up: rhineriver AT earthlink DOT net).

The intent is for it be a central place to deposit links (blog posts, newspaper articles, etc) on history topics (not current politics...), hopefully to make a genuinely useful and interesting resource for historians. And even if you have a blog already, it gives the opportunity to post interesting things you've come across that don't fit on your own blog and/or you don't have time or inspiration to discuss properly. (Well, that's what I'm using it for anyway.)
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