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Dec 5, 2004 10:13 am

The Choice Is Yours ...

Voting has begun in the 2004 Weblog Awards. I have not polled my colleagues and cannot, therefore, issue official endorsements in these hotly contested races. Given our common predispositions as historians, however, I do feel comfortable making some recommendations in the following contests:

Best Essayist: Easily Distracted.*
Best Liberal Blog: Informed Comment.
Best Election Coverage: Talking Points Memo.
Best Canadian Blog: A Journey Through Time.

*I note that Victor Davis Hanson, a legitimate choice as a fellow historian, is just beating the socks off of my colleague, Tim Burke, in current polling. Is that evidence that a dis-spirited Left has abandoned the process?

I ignore the fact that Cliopatria was not even nominated for Best Group Blog. [Ed.: The Pope don't compete for honors.] There, at least, you have some decent choices among her friends, Crooked Timber, Oxblog, and The Volokh Conspiracy. In some precincts, however, there are reports of"dirty tricks" and the nominations process is clearly flawed. Where are the nominations for Chapati Mystery, Early Modern Notes, Hugo Schwyzer, Little Professor, Rhine River ... ? I could go on. Don't get me started.

In comments, my colleague, Sharon Howard, rightly calls my attention to the EduBlog Awards, a slightly more discerning competition. There, Early Modern Notes, Early Modern Print Culture, Easily Distracted, Kristiface, Little Professor, and Siris compete for Best Individual Blog; while Crooked Timber and Terra Nova compete with others for Best Overall Group Blog.

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Robert KC Johnson - 12/5/2004

I'd add a comfortable endorsement for Volokh in the group blog and The Note in the media blog--though I must admit that looking through some of these categories, I was unfamiliar with all of the finalists.

Jonathan Dresner - 12/5/2004

I am perfectly secure in our superiority to all and sundry self-anointed competitors. Merely appearing on our blogroll is sufficient honor and evidence of quality....

There's not a lot of overlap between what I read and what's on those lists. Yeah, I'm not mainstream. I know that. Don't have to rub it in....

How come there aren't any non-political blogs in the "best overall" category?

Sharon Howard - 12/5/2004

But there are (cough, cough) some splendid nominations over at the Edublog Weblog awards. A darned good showing for history blogs all round, in fact. (Check out (cough, cough) the Best Individual blog nominations. Although I regret to report that Cliopatria still didn't get into the group blog list.) And it will be fun checking out some of the unfamiliar ones.

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