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Dec 25, 2004 2:28 am

Merry Christmas to All Our Readers

Of the websites I regularly check, one is spiked, edited by Mick Hume, the former editor of the monthly magazine LM (Living Marxism). This folded in 2000 when it lost a libel action brought by Independent Television News. Go here for details and links to related stories. Hume is ably assisted by Brendan O'Neill and other writers.

Hume was a Marxist, and I assume remains a Marxist of some sort. His website publishes some interesting stories and they are particularly good on civil liberties, including freedom of speech and the therapeutic state. One of their interests is in debunking contemporary society's preoccupation with exaggerated risks.

Tomorrow being Christmas, you may wish to check out their latest seasonal (and politically incorrect) offerings including Patrick West's "Presents are for primitives", Neil Davenport's "Calling time on the 'demon drink'", and Josie Appleton's "100 Artists See God".

And a Very Merry Christmas to All Our Readers.

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