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Jan 1, 2005 12:51 am

Happy New Year, Every One! ...

Happy New Year to Manan Ahmed and may the job market bear fruit!
Happy New Year to Wendy Love Anderson who promises a surprise in 2-0-0-5.
Happy New Year to Timothy Burke who bought and moved into a house for Christmas.
Happy New Year to Miriam Burstein who is giving a paper at the MLA.

Happy New Year to Oscar Chamberlain who surprises me with the breadth of his interests every time he posts.
Happy New Year to Jonathan Dresner, whose contributions at Cliopatria keep the dialogue going.
Happy New Year to Hala Fattah and may it bring peace and justice to Iraq.
Happy New Year to Sharon Howard. Show us the pink boots! Show us the pink boots!

Happy New Year to KC Johnson, unless being at Harvard next semester goes to his head!
Happy New Year to me, once I get through thinking of something to wish everyone else.
Happy New Year to Rob MacDougall and may he, too, get the fine job offer he deserves.
Happy New Year to Jonathan Reynolds who saw Tim Burke and upped the ante by becoming a new father and buying a new house.

Happy New Year to Greg Robinson who can correct Michelle Malkin's errors and, if necessary, correct them in French.
Happy New Year to Nathanael Robinson who fed his rabbit roasted garlic this year. Happy New Year to Hugo Schwyzer, who did not feed roasted garlic to his chinchilla this year.
Happy New Year to Jeff Vanke, whose family will grow by one and who will post at Cliopatria for the first time in 2005.

Happy New Year to Cliopatria's readers. Thank you for keeping us on our toes. May the New Year bring some solace to the survivors in southeast Asia and peace to the people of Iraq.

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Julie A Hofmann - 1/1/2005

Happy New Year's to you all!

Jonathan Dresner - 1/1/2005

Sorry, I had to wait until after midnight here. It's not the last place on earth, timezone-wise, but it's the closest we get on this blog.

It's officially 2005 everywhere, now. Happy new year!

Hala Fattah - 1/1/2005

Dear Ralph,
A great New Year to you, and thank you so much for your empathy and consideration.

Oscar Chamberlain - 1/1/2005

And thanks again, for bring this blog to life!

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