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Jan 6, 2005 1:47 am

Another Reason to Oppose Gonzales (that Conservatives Have Chosen to Forget)

Arthur Silber, Tex and Nick Gillespie have properly criticized conservatives and others for promoting confirmation of Alberto Gonzales as the first attorney general in American history to openly endorse torture.

Lost in this discussion, however, is the irony the underlies this loud conservative support. In taking this stand, conservatives have completely forgotten (or simply don't care anymore) that it was Gonzales who went to the mat to oppose Ted Olsen's draft of the DOJ's statement the University of Michigan admissions case. Olsen had wanted to condemn the University's use of biological diversity in college admissions in clear and concise terms.

Gonzales, however, waged a behind-the-scenes campaign to release a version that would endorse the inclusion of biological diversity as a"factor" to trump merit. Bush caved (he probably never really cared) and Gonzales got his way.

Because of Gonzales's efforts, the DOJ is now on record endorsing the right of state universities to admit students on the basis of diversity even if it means the sacrifice of merit.

The willingness of conservatives to forgive and forget Gonzales (and thus set him up for a future on the Supreme Court) reveals once again just how much they have sacrificed principle in their single-minded preoccupation to wage the war on terror by"any means necessary."

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Sheldon Richman - 1/6/2005

For conservatives Bush can do no wrong. The other day Limbaugh went on and on about how Bush is doing just the right thing in sending the taxpayers' money to the tsunami victims. He had to say this because the Democrats and UN-types were critcizing Bush and "America" for being stingy. They are without principles.

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