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Jan 19, 2005 6:09 am

A HistoryKeeping Matter ...

If you look over to Cliopatria's righthand column, just under our list of Contributing Editors, you'll see a new tab for Cliopatria's History Blog Roll. We had kept the History Blog Roll on our mainpage, below the regular Blog Roll, but the numbers of History Blogs have grown far more rapidly than we anticipated. When we finally listed 65 history blogs and still had 15 more to add, we realized that we needed to make some other arrangement. So, we've established a separate page for Cliopatria's History Blog Roll and placed the tab for it in a more conspicuous place in our righthand column.

We'll link to blogs on our History Blog Roll with some regularity, but let me mention a few that you may not yet know about. Blitztoire is the first non-English language history blog we identified, but Dutchblog Israel and Memoria Volatilis make history blogging increasingly cosmopolitan. Bert de Brun, at the former, posts in Dutch and English; Jussi at the latter posts in Finnish and English. Dennis Hidalgo is an Assistant Professor at Adelphia University, who posts on Atlantic World History at Hidalgo; and Seth Sanders, who is on a post doc at the University of Chicago, posts on ancient Hebrew and modern criticism at Serving the Word. Of course, we know who"Kelly in Kansas" is. We even know what she had for dinner one night in Seattle, but Kelly in Kansas and New Kid on the Hallway join Another Damned Medievalist and Dr. History among the growing number of anonymous or pseudonymous female history bloggers. We welcome them all to Cliopatria's World.

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Kelly Woestman - 1/20/2005

Ralph -

Thanks for adding me to the blogroll. Great to meet you at the AHA and hope next year's blogtogether is even bigger. :-)

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