David Irving: He's Writing 2 New Books

Historians in the News

Andrew Pierce, in the London Times (2-10-05):

DAVID IRVING, the Holocaust denier, is planning a new book to try to restore his reputation -on SS chief Heinrich Himmler.

Irving, speaking in a Mayfair coffee shop a week after the moving ceremonies to mark the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, said: "I am not interested in survivors -survivors lie. People lie when money is involved."

The disgraced historian, who was bankrupted after being branded a Holocaust denier by a judge in a failed libel action, is now planning the biography of Himmler, who was an architect of the Final Solution.

Irving, who is also writing another book on Winston Churchill, said: "Because of my reputation, a lot of private collectors, particularly in the United States, came forward and gave me access to material which no one else has seen.

"I have read 200 letters written by Himmler to his mistress between 1938 and 1944 which are very revealing.

"I am deliberately holding them back until I am released from my bankruptcy on March 5. Otherwise it would be seized ...they will be a fitting climax of my career."

Will the Himmler book be positive about the SS leader? "It asks the same interesting questions that I got into trouble for asking about Adolf Hitler," said Irving....