Da Vinci author's 'uproar' warning

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The Lost Symbol is expected to make claims about the influence of secret organisation the freemasons on US leaders.

And it is tipped to brand first President George Washington a TRAITOR.

Freemasons have been accused of influencing judges, police, civil servants and academics.

The 1.5million members of America's 2,000 lodges are also regularly accused of occultism and Satanism, which they strongly deny.

British historian and Masonic expert Ashley Cowie last night blasted Brown over the book, published in the UK tomorrow.

He said: "Dan Brown is about to make a huge controversy because he knows it sells. He's going to create uproar in America. But it's fiction, not fact."

But fellow historian David Shugarts said: "It's true that some of the founding fathers were powerful Masons."
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