Taylor Branch about to publish secret project: The Clinton Tapes

Historians in the News

Historian Taylor Branch conducted a "secret project" with President Bill Clinton, "hidden from even Clinton's closest aides," GQ reports.

"Meeting late at night and sometimes through the night, Clinton and Branch embarked on a series of seventy-nine conversations about politics, the presidents, the Whitewater investigation, and yes, even Monica -- recording every word for posterity. Acutely aware that their tapes could be subpoenaed at any moment and desperate to avoid making them public, Clinton squirreled away the cassettes in his sock drawer and has never spoken of them nor made them public. But this month, Branch releases a 670-page mammoth tome, The Clinton Tapes, that mines those conversations and delves into Clinton's presidency and state of mind through a tumultuous and historic eight years."

Although they're unlikely to be as controversial as the Nixon tapes, this book promises to be very interesting.
Read entire article at Taegan Goddard's Political Wire

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