Indian democracy unique, it thrives in every state: Cambridge historian

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Describing India as a fascinating federal system, Dr. Gordon Johnson, president, Wolfson College, Cambridge and the deputy vice–chancellor of the University gave an insightful peek into Indian history on Thursday.

Johnson was speaking on The Study of India: Half a century of intellectual enquiry and Universities and Society at Pune University. The talk was organised to mark 425 years and 800 years of the Cambridge University Press and University of Cambridge respectively.

Johnson, spoke about Indian history and reasoned why the republic of India is still such a successful political entity.

“ It is rather unusual that democracy is flourishing in every state in India, because this is a dynamic and multi-cultural society,” said Johnson. A renowned historian specialising in Indian History, he said that it was hard to imagine in the 1960s that India would become what it is today, “ India has begun exporting people, capital and goods and instead of expecting such a diverse group to breakdown, it has emerged as a liberated nation.”...
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