Teaching Canadian history through hockey

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Turning hockey into a history lesson is a dream come true for Tim Lewis.

Lewis combined his love of hockey and passion for history and developed two hockey-themed history courses in the summer including Hockey and the Canadian Identity to 1952: The Development of a National Obsession, and Hockey and the Canadian Identity since 1952: Canada's Game in the Cold War and Beyond.

The courses aren't based on the pure history of hockey, but rather he uses hockey as a prism through which to understand wider issues in Canadian society.

Lewis admits he falls under a stereotypically Canadian umbrella when it comes to hockey. Born in a small town outside Moncton, N.B., he grew up on skates. If he wasn't skating with friends on a frozen pond, he was in his backyard shooting the puck on dad's homemade rink....

Despite Canada's big win on Sunday, Lewis still believes Canada's finest hockey moment was when Paul Henderson scored the game winning goal against the Soviet Union in Game 8 of the Summit Series in 1972.
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