Free Guide to Texas Social Studies Revision Process from University of Texas

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The Center for History Teaching & Learning has published a simple and informative free guide to the ongoing K-12 social studies revision process. Texas Social Studies Simplified explains what is going on, why it matters, who is involved, and when the process will be done. It also corrects the many errors circulating in the media about the revision process.

What people are saying about Texas Social Studies Simplified:

  • ·   “This gives a lot of good information. It covers all areas of what is going on with the TEKS.”
  • ·   “It really clarifies the process and speaks to the myths floating around out there.”
  • ·   “Thank you very much for doing this for our community. We need more voices advocating for our education system.”

Publication of Texas Social Studies Simplified is part of the Center’s ongoing TEKSWatch effort to monitor and document the revision process.

The Center for History Teaching & Learning is a division of UTEP’s History Department created to promote scholarly teaching among department faculty, support teacher education among our students, and provide outreach and professional development opportunities for area social studies teachers.

Read entire article at UTEP Center for History Teaching & Learning

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