Pulitzer Prize in History awarded to Liaquat Ahamed

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HISTORY: "Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World" by Liaquat Ahamed

A Harvard graduate [who] was born in Kenya, Ahamed dreamed of being a writer while he worked as an investment manager.

"Lords of Finance" is a compelling account of how the actions of four bankers triggered the Depression and ultimately turned the United States into the world's financial leader, the Pulitzer board said.

"Mr. Ahamed does a superlative job of explaining the ever-germane way the problems of one shyster, one bank, one treasury or one economy can set off repercussions all around the globe," a New York Times reviewer wrote.

The book was a finalist for the Samuel Johnson Prize, Britain's leading nonfiction book award. Ahamed said he was working on another book about economic history.
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