Z Street lobbying group awards Daniel Pipes prize for peace plan

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Z STREET awarded Daniel Pipes, the Director of the Middle East Forum and pre-eminent Middle East scholar, its first annual Z STREET Peace Plan Prize for his article, “My Peace Plan: an Israeli Victory.” Z STREET is a staunchly pro-Israel organization.

In his article Pipes explains that throughout history, what had been intractable conflicts were resolved only when the victor caused his enemy to abandon his war goals.

“Evidence that the Arab Palestinians already know the vision Pipes has is correct is their refusal to abandon their war manifestos, despite years of failed efforts at negotiated results. They are in it for the long haul, waiting until Israel either gives up or is forced to give in by outside influences, specifically by the United Nations or the US administration,” said Lori Lowenthal Marcus, president of Z STREET.

“It is time for those who want a ‘safe and secure’ Israel to face the reality that this conflict will end when one side or the other achieves its goal: for Arab Palestinians that is the end of the Jewish State, for Israel it is a decisive victory that ensures the safety and security of the Jewish State,” continued Marcus, “Z STREET applauds Daniel Pipes for his clarity and his courage in laying out the true path to peace.”

"I am grateful to be chosen as the first recipient of the Z STREET peace plan prize,” said Pipes, “I also look forward to it helping awake Americans to their government's pursuing a futile path toward resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict. It's not Israeli 'risks for peace' or 'painful concessions' that will end the dispute but a Palestinian realization that the goal of eliminating the Jewish State cannot succeed."

Z STREET awarded Pipes its $1000 Peace Plan Prize which will be awarded annually for realistic peace plans that are most likely to achieve a permanent Middle East peace.

Z STREET is a non-profit corporation based in Pennsylvania, the mission statement of which is (1) Israel is a Jewish State, and (2) there should be no negotiations with, concessions to, or appeasement of terrorists. WWW.ZSTREET.ORG.

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