Harvard Business School historian compares Bono to Abraham Lincoln

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An influential Washington Post columnist has likened Bono to Abraham Lincoln and said he is a great world leader.

Nancy F. Koehn, a historian, at the Harvard Business School, and author, celebrated Bono’s 50th birthday by celebrating the Irish musician and campaigner for his great skills as a leader.

She said “Bono, like Abraham Lincoln 150 years ago, has not let himself become isolated in an elite atmosphere. He has used his touring and travels as classrooms to help him understand the hopes, dreams and tribulations of his fellow citizens, whom he often calls his brothers and sisters. And he has used this knowledge to light his way, his music and his leadership.”

Koehn looked back at his achievements over the last five decades. “It is worth briefly taking stock of his journey thus far--a journey of purpose, impact, passion, and humor. It is a path with lessons for leaders from all walks of life,” she said.

An unusual choice perhaps as an ideal world leader, Koehn first looked at all the things which Bono is not. “He has never been the CEO of a major company. He has never held public office or scored a big campaign contribution. He did not graduate from an elite university. He did not make most of his considerable wealth in the global equity or debt marks,” said Koehn....
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