Rightwing historian Niall Ferguson given school curriculum role

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Niall Ferguson, the British historian most closely associated with a rightwing, Eurocentric vision of western ascendancy, is to work with the Conservatives to overhaul history in schools.

Speaking at the Guardian Hay festival, the Harvard-based academic, whose historiography is often considered to be an apology for imperialism, laid out his ideas for a vision of the school history curriculum in which, he said, children should be taught that the "big story" of the last 500 years "is the rise of western domination of the world".

Michael Gove, the education secretary, was in the audience, and publicly praised Ferguson's "exciting and engaging" ideas for a "campaign for real history". He asked: "My question is, will Harvard let you spend more time in Britain to help us design a more exciting and engaging history curriculum?"

Prompting the event's chair to remark that the session was becoming a job interview, Ferguson replied that he had deliberately taken leave from Harvard and was in London for the next academic year. "I am looking forward to your call," he said....
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