Raza studies author says "occupied" does not mean "to take over" in Arizona embroglio

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"Occupied America." It's the title of a textbook at the center of a new Arizona law that targets ethnic studies programs in public schools. That textbook is used by TUSD in an ethic studies class. So, what exactly does "occupied" mean?

Rudy Acuòa, Ph.D., is the book's author. He says the word "occupied" means "to have a history" which he says his book teaches. Acuna says "occupied" does not mean "to take over." Hence, the reason he says he titled his book "Occupied America" and not "Occupied Mexico."

Dr. Acuòa started an ethnic studies program at Cal State University of Northridge 41 years ago. Today, even though school's out, about 50 high school and college students gathered at a local restaurant to learn more from the historian who wrote one of their textbooks.

KGUN9's Steve Nuòez sat down with Acuòa to ask what the word "occupied" means within the context of his book's title.

Nuòez asked: "Some people say you want to take down the American flag and replace it with the Mexican flag. What does occupied mean?" Acuòa said, "Occupied is what it says is that you have an unequal status."

Nuòez asked: "Do your books advocate the overthrow of the U.S. Government?" Acuòa responded, "No they don't. Read them. I've offered rewards if they can find anything."

Nuòez asked, "What do you say to those who say "occupied" is another way of saying take over the U.S. Government?" Acuòa said, "I tell them to go back to school because they're stupid."...

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