Historian stages sleep-ins to save SC slave cabins

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When Joe McGill spreads his sleeping bag on the floor of a slave cabin, he knows that spending the night there will conjure the specter of slavery.

"If I were a firm believer in ghosts and spirits and things of that nature, I don't think I could do this," said McGill, a preservationist who is working to preserve buildings that are part of a past that many prefer to forget....

McGill, a program officer with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, will spend Saturday night in a cabin at Hobcaw Barony near the coastal community of Georgetown....
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William Arthur Gaines - 7/28/2010

I believe that Mr. McGill, is doing a very noble thing, in preserving a part of history. Evidenced such as the slave cabins, brings awareness to the housing conditions slaves were subject to. It also serves as tool in educating youngsters about the slave era.

Mr. McGill and all others, thank you for keeping a part of history alive.