Ramon Eduardo Ruiz: Honored scholar wrote a detailed history of Mexico

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Pride in his heritage helped spark an interest in history and led Ramon Eduardo Ruiz to a life of teaching, researching and writing about the past.

The native San Diegan and widely renowned historian made it his goal to convey the triumph and tragedy of Mexican history as well as the great cultural richness of the life and literature of his parents’ homeland. Along the way, he helped develop the fledgling history department at the University of California San Diego, wrote several respected books and became the recipient of the National Humanities Medal in 1998.

Dr. Ruiz died at his Rancho Santa Fe home July 6 after suffering complications from a recent fall and a battle with cancer, said his daughter, Olivia Ruiz. He was 88.

His father had hoped that he would become a landscape architect and had him work for a time at the Kate Sessions nursery in Pacific Beach, where the elder Ruiz had worked before establishing his own business. Dr. Ruiz, however, had grown up enthralled with his father’s stories about the history and heroes of Mexico. His fate as a historian was sealed after he took a freshman European history class at what was then San Diego State College....
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