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In conjunction with the recently adopted strategic plan, the Executive Board of the Organization of American Historians has enacted a simplified dues structure for individual members. After studying the dues structures of other learned societies, the Board concluded that the organization needed fewer membership categories. The new structure is not only simpler, but creates a lower-priced membership category for professional historians who are in the first three years of their careers. In addition, the revised structure will reduce paperwork in the OAH office, and it will allow staff to concentrate on improving member service, develop new member benefits, and better promote the organization.

The new dues structure is as follows:

Associate (not employed as a historian)$60
Early Career (first three years in the profession)$60
Dual (with a spouse/partner)$60
History Educator$60
Retired members$60
Individual (professional historian)
  Under $40,000$60
  $100,000 and above$200

With this new dues structure, OAH members will continue to enjoy the same benefits they receive now. That is, those who are full-time historians will receive the Journal of American History, the OAH Annual Meeting Program, access to Recent Scholarship Online, discounted registration at the OAH Annual Meeting, and other benefits and services. These members also can subscribe to the OAH Magazine of History at a discounted rate. Students, retired members, and associate members can choose between a subscription to the Journal of American History and the OAH Magazine of History, as well as the other benefits described above. History Educator members will continue to receive the OAH Magazine of History as their primary publication.

In addition to simplifying the dues structure, starting in October, membership dues will be billed on an annual basis. Prorated adjustments will be made for those whose dues were billed during other months of the year. Please watch your mail and e-mail for dues notices. Again, the new dues structure is being instituted to increase the efficiency of the organization, allow the organization to expand its membership benefits and services, and most importantly, to enable staff to continue concentrating on providing excellent service to its members.

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