Historian uses ancient maps to block ramblers

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Bryan McNerney, who presented several successful history series on ITV, has been accused of blocking a footpath through the grounds of his country home.

But the 57-year-old insists that a mistake by a map maker half a century ago wrongly showed the right of way through the property - ironically called "Garden of Eden".

Mr McNerney and his wife Cate, a nurse, bought the property set in wooded grounds in the village of Banham, near Attlebrough, Norfolk, three years ago.

He said:"I am not being a Nimby but if the council had originally said there was a public footpath through our garden I would have accepted it.

"But the plotted path is incorrect because it shows the route running through a 300-year-old hedgerow and a steep escarpment.

"We have pored over ancient maps and talked to many locals and it is clear that the public right of way never ran through our garden."...
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