Pelosi Appoints Dr. Matthew Wasniewski as New House Historian

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced today the appointment of Dr. Matthew Wasniewski as the new Historian of the House of Representatives. Dr. Wasniewski, who currently serves as the historian in the House Clerk's Office of History and Preservation, received the unanimous recommendation of the House Historian Search Committee appointed by Speaker Pelosi with the input of House Republican Leader John Boehner who concurred on the appointment.

The appointment of Dr. Wasniewski follows the retirement of Dr. Robert Remini as Historian earlier this year after serving for five years. Speaker Pelosi decided at that time to have a panel of distinguished historians conduct an impartial and professional search for the replacement, rather than rely simply on a Speaker appointment, as House rules permit.

"Dr. Wasniewski brings enormous experience and energy to the job of House Historian," Pelosi said. "His knowledge of congressional history, and his familiarity with cutting edge research and archival techniques make him the perfect candidate for this position. I want to thank Leader Boehner for working cooperatively throughout the appointment process, and supporting the work of the non-partisan, independent Search Committee."
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