Cause of AHA fire alarms: faulty AC unit

Historians in the News

At approximately 10:00 am on January 8, the fire alarms sounded at the Hynes Convention Center, right in the middle of the dozens of morning sessions. Despite admonitions from the P.A. to stand by, a considerable number of AHA-goers moved to the exits, emptying many meeting rooms.

Approximately ten minutes after the first signal, an all-clear was sounded. The cause of the alarm has yet to be determined, though several security officers speculated that it was a test.

Staff from the Hynes Convention Center declined to comment on the incident, but sources in the AHA said that the alarm was triggered by a faulty air conditioning unit on the fourth floor and was cleared by the Boston Fire Department at 10:10 am.

By 10:20, most panels were back in session.

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