David Weale: Offers University students B-minus to stay away

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The union representing professors and lecturers at the University of Prince Edward Island has condemned a part-time teacher's offer of a B-minus grade to students who agreed to stay away from his lectures.

David Weale said he made the offer because the class is too big and some students aren't interested in being there.

About 20 students, out of a class of about 100, accepted the guaranteed 70 per cent mark to drop out of the class.

Weale is a retired professor who came back to the university as a sessional lecturer. The course is in the history of Christianity.

Faculty association president Wayne Peters said such a scheme would not be tolerated at any university in the country.

"I was stunned. I couldn't believe that one member of the faculty association could take such an approach. Such a practice is not acceptable. It certainly is not reflective of the faculty and teachers at UPEI."

Peters said Weale's approach calls into question the integrity of the university and its faculty.

The university administration says it has told Weale to reverse his offer immediately and to make sure it never happens again.

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