Lance Banning: longtime Univ. Kentucky history professor dies

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A University of Kentucky history professor and author has died. Lance Banning was nationally known as an expert on the period of American history from the American Revolution to the U-S Constitution.

Banning died yesterday at U-K Hospital in Lexington. He was 64.

Banning was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for his book "The Sacred Fire of Liberty: James Madison and the Founding of the Federal Republic." He also wrote a book about the conflict between the early political parties.

U-K history department chairman Dan Smith says Banning was a dedicated teacher. Banning had taught history at U-K since 1973.

Funeral services will be at seven p-m (eastern time) Friday at W-R Milward Mortuary - Southland.

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Herbert Barger - 2/4/2006

Dr. Banning knew Thomas Jefferson's legacy well and volunteered his vast knowledge to be a member of the Jefferson-Hemings Scholars Commission, a blue ribbon panel of thirteen distinguished scholars, to study the false claims that Jefferson fathered a slave child. That report determined that there is no proof of a this.

I wish to thank Dr. Banning for his efforts to bring the truth of the DNA Study to the public.

Herbert Barger
Board Member, Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society (www.tjheritage.org)
Jefferson Family Historian