Sean Wilentz: Some bloggers are upset with his Bancroft award

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Has He Even Read the Book? No, and he can’t spell “Bailyn” either. Bradford Short rants about Sean Wilentz receiving the Bancroft for The Rise of American Democracy.

UPDATE: Much Heat, Still No Light: In a comment on Bradford Short's post linked above, Richard Snow, editor of American Heritage, airs an old grudge against Wilentz, who had some unkind things to say about that magazine in TNR five years ago. Okay, but that still has nothing to do with the merits of The Rise of American Democracy or the Bancroft. On the plus side, Short has now corrected his misspelling of Bailyn's name. The NRO's Phi Beta Cons doesn't like Wilentz either--and also seems to know nothing about his book.

Read entire article at Hiram Hover (blogger)

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