Allan Lichtman: Picks up endorsement of George McGovern

Historians in the News

Our campaign is picking up steam every day! I'm writing to share some incredible news: this week, Allan picked up endorsements from several renowned national figures and progressive organizations.

Among those publicly endorsing Allan are former Democratic U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate George McGovern of South Dakota; former Democratic Governor Ray Mabus of Mississippi, a civil rights pioneer; and John Anderson, a presidential candidate in 1980 who won nearly 7% of the vote as an Independent.

"Allan Lichtman is a real progressive Democrat who I happily support," said George McGovern. "If elected to the United States Senate, I firmly believe that he will work for lasting change in our government so that it can meet ordinary Americans' needs. I encourage the people of Maryland to support him as I do."

Allan also picked up endorsements from two progressive organizations: the American Women Presidents, an organization dedicated to electing women to the presidency, and the Calvert County Progressive Democrats. Allan is the only male candidate for office to be endorsed by American Women Presidents.

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