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[Prominent historians have signed the Euston Manifesto, an endorsement of liberal values in foreign affairs. According to Wikipedia: "The Euston Manifesto (pron. "yoosten", IPA /?ju?st?n/) is a declaration of principles by a group on the democratic left in support of universal human rights and other fundamental principles. It began as a conversation between friends, a gathering of (mainly British) academics, journalists, and activists. At their first meeting in London, they decided to write a 'minimal manifesto', a short document summarising their core values. The original intention of its proposer was that the manifesto would provide a rallying point for a number of left-leaning blogs, to be collected by an aggregator, and the basis for a book collecting some of the best writing about related political questions. The group met more formally after the document's first drafting, at O'Neill's, a pub on London's Euston Road — just across the road from the British Library — where the manifesto was named, and its content voted on. It was first published in the New Statesman on April 7, 2006."--http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euston_Manifesto]

Marion Deshmukh, History, George Mason University

Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, Harvard University

Alonzo Hamby, History, Ohio University, Athens

K.C. Johnson, History, Brooklyn College

Walter Laqueur, Historian, Author and Co-founder of The Journal of Contemporary History

Keith Olson, History, University of Maryland, College Park

Stanley Payne, History, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ronald Radosh, History, Emeritus, CUNY Graduate Center

Gerhard Weinberg, History, Emeritus, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

et al.

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