Allan Lichtman: Thanks his supporters after losing primary race for US Senate in Maryland

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Thank You!
Dear Supporters,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your consistent support of my United States Senate campaign. Your faith in our message helped all of us at the Lichtman campaign bring positive, fundamental change across the state of Maryland.

Although we did not prevail in this campaign, I can assure you that I, my wife Karyn Strickler, my staff, and our volunteers worked as hard as humanly possible to reach the voters of Maryland. Our campaign attracted nationwide attention for our many innovations, including our youth outreach program, novel advertising, and our lead on crucial issues. Long before the polls turned against the war, we were the first Democratic Senate campaign to propose a phased withdrawal from Iraq. Before the issue became trendy, we developed a plan to reduce our fossil fuel dependence by 50 percent over 20 years. We were the first campaign to support a specific single-payer health care plan to cover all Americans. And we were the only campaign to develop detailed proposals for protecting our civil rights and liberties.

I firmly believe that we changed the course of the debate in Maryland and nationwide. We gained more endorsements than any other campaign from national figures - George McGovern, John Anderson, Ray Mabus, Cleo Fields, and Daniel Ellsberg, among many others.

From the start, a year ago, I described this campaign as a boulder, which if it got moving would roll over the state of Maryland and begin a new era in state and national politics. Ultimately, the boulder did not move, but it was not for lack of effort, ideas, or support from wonderful people like you. I promise that I will continue to be of service as an educator, author, political analyst, and civil rights expert.

I will never forget you.


Allan Lichtman
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