Walid Phares: Tells Iraqi academics ... You need to address your American colleagues on democracy and US efforts

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In an interview with Radio Free Iraq, Middle East expert and Senior Fellow with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, Dr Walid Phares appealed to Iraqi academics and intellectuals to address their colleagues in the United States and express their real aspirations on democracy and freedom. Phares, who taught political science and Midle East studies at several Florida Universities since 1992, and who also taught in Beirut in the 1980s said he is speaking in the name of many American academics from Middle Eastern or Arab descent who wish to see their colleagues in Iraq, from all communities and universities, breaking the silence and reaching out to the American public directly. "It is not enough, said Phares, that your President and politicians make official speeches in Iraq or the US on fighting Terrorism; you need to speak out and come to America and speak directly to the intellectuals and the public."

Phares told his radio audience in Iraq that "the debate about the future of the liberated country is taking place today in America, and the voice of the Iraqi people and intellectuals is unheard yet. Americans do not hear enough from you. The US has spent billions of dollars and about 3,000 soldiers were killed in the war to remove Saddam and fight the terrorists. Yet your voice is not loud enough in the American debate. People need to know from you that had Saddam stayed in power, the massacres against Shiite, Kurds and moderate Sunnis, in addition to other communities, would have resumed. It is not just important for you, as thinkers and teachers, to educate the American People on your positions but it is your duty to do so. A real dialogue must be opened between you and your counter parts in America."
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