Norman Stone: Azerbaijan media claim British historian was assaulted for taking the view that Armenians weren't massacred

Historians in the News

English scientist [sic] Norman Stone, reporting at the conference on the topic “Armenian terrorism and remembering the Turkish diplomats” organized by the Turkish Circles Federation, has undergone insulting by the Armenian who attempted to hamper his report. As a result, the evoked confrontation between the Armenians and Turks was solved by force. The reason of dissatisfaction of Armenians was the statement of Norman Stone that the events during the WW I, cannot be recognized as “genocide”. Mr. Stone noted that the representatives of Armenian Diaspora, who knows neither the Armenian language, nor their history, lead the Armenian people to abyss.

Armenia simply has to improve its relations with Turkey otherwise it has no future.

Appearing at the conference, professor of Edinburgh University, the Azerbaijan scientist Gulamrza Sabri Tebrizi addressed Turkey to render greater assistance to the fraternal Azerbaijan in the cause of liberation of the lands occupied by Armenians.
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