Alistair Horne: Setting the record straight about his Kissinger biography

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To the Editor:

In Maureen Dowd’s Jan. 17 column, I feel that the statement that Henry A. Kissinger “is working on an official biography of himself with Mr. Horne” is liable to misinterpretation.

To avoid any ambiguity, I would like to set the record right.

What has actually been accepted between Dr. Kissinger, my publishers, Simon and Schuster, and me concerning the book that I have been commissioned to write about Dr. Kissinger in the year 1973 is as follows:

“Dr. Kissinger has agreed to give Alistair Horne complete access and cooperation for his book, but has no editorial control over it.”

That is the full extent of his involvement.

Alistair Horne
Turville, England, Jan. 29, 2007
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