David Irving says there were never gas chambers at Auschwitz

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British historian David Irving, who was jailed for questioning the Holocaust in a book published in Austria, said Friday that the Auschwitz death camp was a tourist attraction, and added that there was no proof that it ever had gas chambers.

Irving, whose comments during an interview with Italy's Sky TG24 News were immediately picked up by Italian news agencies, said there was no doubt the Nazis killed millions of Jews, but said the killings did not take place at Auschwitz.

"At Auschwitz they did not have gas chambers, or at least there is no proof that I am satisfied with," Irving told the news channel's program, "Controcorrente." Irving spoke in English, but his comments were translated by a voiceover.

Irving was sentenced in February 2006 to three years under a 1992 Austrian law that applies to "whoever denies, grossly plays down, approves or tries to excuse" the Nazi genocide or other Nazi crimes against humanity in a print publication, broadcast or other media.
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Alan Heath - 3/30/2007

I was with both Andrea Casadio of Sky TG24 and David Irving for most of his visit at the former Nazi death camp of Auschwitz. He very clearly accepts that there were homicidal gas chambers in Auschwitz although he questioned what happened at Krematorium 2 which was the largest gas chamber.
Of course I accept that he may have said "At Auschwitz they did not have gas chambers, or at least there is no proof that I am satisfied with,' when he was not in my presence.

Neal Jackson - 3/25/2007

Was it a mantra of both Goebbels and Lenin that if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes a truth? Only the lie oft repeated, and here again, is that David Irving denies the Jewish Holocaust. As far as I know he never has. He has sometimes questioned the evidence, or lack thereof, for the mass extermination of Jews by gassing (specifically) at Auschwitz; that, in and of itself, is not Holocaust denial. "...the (possibility of a different) truth is the greatest enemy of the...?"