KC Johnson: An award in his future for his blogging on the Duke case?

Historians in the News

At The Volokh Conspiracy, Jim Lindgren says:
If bloggers were eligible for Pulitzer Prizes for journalism ..., I would nominate Brooklyn Professor KC Johnson, who blogs at Cliopatria and Durham-in-Wonderland, for his coverage of the Duke case. No self-respecting journalist would think of writing anything long and evaluative on the Duke case without first checking the"blog of record," Durham-in-Wonderland.

Those of us who have been following Johnson's staggeringly insightful analyses of developments in the case can't wait for his book on the hoax, which I heard will be co-authored with the brilliant Stuart Taylor.

Lindgren isn't the first to suggest the Pulitzer Prize-worthiness of KC's work. See: Michael Gaynor at Renew America, 14 September. But Lindgren heard correctly. For a brief foretaste of the book, see: Stuart Taylor, Jr., and KC Johnson,"A Dirty Game: The Duke ‘rape' case unravels," Opinion Journal, 27 December.

Read entire article at Ralph Luker at HNN blog, Cliopatria

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