U. of Toledo: Alleged Hostility to Women Splits History Dept. 1 Prof. Resigns

Historians in the News

A female professor at the University of Toledo has resigned and four male professors are filing a complaint following a recent report that said the university’s history department was hostile to women, according to The Independent Collegian, the campus’s student newspaper.

The report said that women in the department called it “toxic” and “an unbearable environment,” saying that they “are addressed in a condescending manner, are patronized and simply not respected as scholars.” The unidentified professor who resigned was one of only three tenure-track women in the dozen-member department. Among the men who are filing the complaint, with the campus chapter of the American Association of University Professors, was the department’s senior member, who called the report’s “unsubstantiated charges” absurd.

The dysfunctional department, whose previous chairman was ousted by his colleagues, is now being run out of the dean of the college’s office.

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