Julio Pino: Kent State U. Receives Threats After Article Links Professor to Extremist Web Site

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An associate professor of history at Kent State University who wrote an article three years ago that some people saw as glorifying a suicide bomber is again at the center of controversy, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported. The professor, Julio Pino, and the university have received hate mail and threats after an article that linked Mr. Pino to an extremist Islamic Web site began circulating on the blogosphere. A university spokesman said that Mr. Pino had no connection to the extremist site. He added that Mr. Pino had violated no university policies, and that there had been no complaints from students or other instructors about Mr. Pino’s classroom conduct.
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barry g. - 3/25/2007

This article is inaccurate. pino's department head stated that at a minimum pino wrote articles on this blog. There have been articles about pino's activities in several Ohio newspapers.

Take a look at smalldoseofreality.bloghi.com for a sampling of pino's America hating advocacy of the slaughter of United citizens.